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"Why Do You Name Your Bars SeaHab?"

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I name most of my bars SeaHab when I am not doing custom work. Sometimes I simply name them THE BAR or TIKI BAR. However, most of my signs with mermaids sitting at a bar will have SeaHab on them. The roots of this is from my time living in Cortez, Florida around commercial fishermen. When the fishermen would come in and get their pay, they went ... a lot wild. There is not a better time to be had than a drinking night with a fisherman that just came in with a fat load of fish to sell. However, there are sometimes consequences to the party, so when the fishermen went back, the trip sometimes was a form of rehab. Locals would say, he "he needs seahab" or he went back into "seahab."

In a way, the beach has always functioned that way for me.

And that is why RhondaK's signs often refer to this mystical bar SeaHab.

Find SeaHab inspired art :

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