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Doodles and Other Creations and Procrastinations

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I doodle ALL THE TIME. I post a lot of them at #DoodlesOnInstagram

A lot of my current work began as doodles almost 20 years or more back. As a kid, I used to doodle all over the Turkey Creek Baptist church. The mermaids you so today started there on hot pews, stuck in a room with no air and often with a red-faced yelling guy. I longed to be somewhere and SOMEONE else.

I drew a lot of sailboats on those church bulletins. It is funny how those predictive doodles played out.

This image is from SiComoNoInn. Sadie and I went there in August and my big goal was to get her surfing ( well, boogey boarding) like she was when we lived in the beach cottage on Casey Key. However, it was a bit rough. I bought her some water wings as her butt is a sinker.

It didn't go well. She lost her mind, jumped into my arms, and ripped my bathing suit top right off. While Flagler Beach in that area is often free of people, during this adventure there were many, many people.

This is the doodle about that day. I haven't painted it yet. I am always using things for mermaid bras though I believe they are better topless ( and I do paint awesome ta ta's!). I use "Wilma Flintstone" beads, turtles, wine glasses, starfish, fish, and more.

When this happened, I realized I needed to paint a woman with a pug bra.

Sadie makes a tasteful, full coverage bra.

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