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This is an original RhondaK sign. It came from some straight up cRaZy trouble. I was living on a $1 boat. Alone. A man with a chainsaw was threatening me most nights. Well, once he stripped down naked, put a knife in his teeth, and swam over to cut my mooring. I only know about the latter as he liked to brag about it. People - right? Well, when you’re being bullied at a power tool level, you can’t let all that panic wash over you and live in your fishbowl mind.

You break it down. Sunset-I made it. Sunrise-I made it. Two times a day, I’d recognize and feel the miracle.

This is the second sign I ever sold back in 2006.

This one is for sunset lovers or dreamers.

When life overwhelms, live for tangible small glorious things.

Ready to ship. I also do SUNRISE.

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