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Sunflowers on Lavender as Seen in South Dakota on Road Trip With Saying It Will Rain You Will Grow

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I did a massive road trip from Florida to Washington Street to take a 9 month job in the Summer of 2019.

One of the things I noticed was the pink highways of South Dakota. I thought it was going to be the worse part of my drive, but it was the most surprising.

I didn't realize there would be fields of sunflowers through so many states.

I have painted sunflowers for years, but only the past few they have become more than a back drop. People refer to my take as county style, but I really don't see that. My backgrounds are very I think folk art or tropical painting fits.

The sky was so many colors on my drive. It became bigger as I got closer to Washington State.

This is a small, thin painting on a driftwood like piece of wood. It is on a wire hanger and arrives signed.

It is fun. It would life up a gallery wall. And for those days inspiration eludes you, it will BE YOU.

Yes, it will.

My work is available in custom sizes and configurations. Talk to me. Subject line: HEY DREADHEADED ART GIRL!

Our road trips never actually end.

Buy here:

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