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Star Fish vs Starfish: Yes There Is A Difference

I have somewhere the original signs I painted at Star Fish Company Market & Restaurant. You’re a regular if you know it is Star Fish and not starfish. The name is more about being a star - top- awesome fisherman catching delicious fresh fish.

The starfish is actually an enemy of the commercial fisherman. They love commercial shellfish and also can kill coral reefs.

That said, this complicated cute, resilient pest is represented just anywhere sea decor ish.

This is a saying I wrote about its resiliency. If a starfish looses a leg-it grows back. It the leg has a portion of the starfish’s center attached - it will grow a starfish.

So the frustrated fishermen who cut them to pieces and threw them back in the water actually made their enemy stronger.

Anyway...this is one of the dockside originals that’s more complicated than it first appears.

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