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RhondaK’s Favorite Last All Week Food : Chili and Cornbread

Cornbread the way I always expect it to look. This was also a big step in making my grandmothers dressing. I like it a little burnt and crispy edged. You can cook 4 up in under 20 minutes from mixing to frying.

If you are feeling foodie, you can use thicker ones like tacos when they are just cooked. When colder, use them as sandwich bread. They can function like rice or mashed potatoes as a base for a soaking gravy and sauces.

It is chili and cornbread weather!!

I cooked up 1/8 lb bacon, grated carrots, banana peppers, green peppers and onions for my chili base before red sauce and beans.

Why is chili so awesome? You can thrown in a lot of wilty things from the fridge, ANY BEAN (black eyed peas and Lima beans are delish), freeze up batches, eat alone or on something, and even turn it into a casserole layer or Cincinnati spaghetti. It is great cold or hot. It can light up a hamburger or omelette.

And it is cheap. All this, is really cheap.

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