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Martini R Us: Revisting the Classic in A Garage as It Snows in Moses Lake, Washington

You know I am counting the DAYS til I get back to Florida, see my MaMaK, and hit the Village of the Arts July Mermaid show at Divine Excess Folk Art Gallery,

BUT, I have to tell you Washingtonians are really nice people.

I don't know if I shared the story about the neighbor that just randomly fixed my shop lights, but that's sort of an illustration of it.

Yesterday, a neighbor brought a tall ice chest down to my art studio ( yes..garage)...and it had vodka, vermouth, olives, a shaker, and two glass martini glasses in it,

Shaken not stirred mobile martinis!!!!!

To be honest, I don't think I have had a martini since I left NYC.



Why, why, friends have I denied myself the joy and sophistication of the simple martini?

What else can you order with more ridiculousness demands than a Starbucks coffee? And say out loud to a stranger: MAKE IT DIRTY.

LORD! What unspeakable joy lives in a martini.

Anyway, what commenced was an absolutely fantastic conversation on everything. Architecture was primary.

PEOPLE, I was schooled in architecture as a multi-sensory concept.

I kept painting and sipping because I am trying to get this Matlacha, Florida order together.

You do know I do LIVE PAINTING and am not a curmudgeon when I am at it, but a lively somewhat social butterfly?

So imagine that PLUS martini.


And what a reminder.

Don't be so serious.

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