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I Started at CALM AS PALMS

When I first started painting, I had a triple saying I did. The multiple saying piece is still my wheelhouse.

The saying went:

Calm as palms,

Mellow as a manatee,

Roll with the tides.


My Peace of Paradise.

At the point I am writing and painting these, NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

Not one.

I am living on a $1 boat and my whole dream of running off to the sea is on serious tilt.

One day, I come home from work. I barely had enough gas to go to work the next day. I am sliding down the side of Star Fish Company’s dock and a girl says... “It must be nice.”

She repeats it and adds.. “I wish I were you.”

And I think about that on my tougher days that my hell is someone else’s heaven.

I am up at midnight after a 9 hour workday, and I have been painting palm trees.


Because it isn’t. And in adversity there is art.

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