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For Sale: 5’ Horizontal Sun Flower Painting

This is the only piece I have right now that is a “sofa Painting.” This is a colorful 18ish tall piece on wood with much character. It is light enough to be kind to dry wall. $125 W/o shipping.

I expect to to be spending more time doing horizontal paintings as I ease off art shows and unforgiving venues.

It is not precisely one of those fabulous transitions where the story ends well. However, success, tenacity, and luck have some overlap.

I hope i can can tell you a happy ending about this phase I am in...time will tell. How will people find me? I really do not know. It is a puzzle. But meantime there is paint and I love paint.

I am already ahead of Van Gogh. It could be I have been blessed and lucky enough in my lifetime. Maybe I will leave a stack of work that will find recognition long after I am gone. That’s sort of an old tradition.

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