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Fallen Angel: Strength To Fly

This feather tattoo that breaks apart into blackbirds has a lot of influence from my trip to #washingtonstate and my walk through #aberdeen #artalley.

The symbolism of items breaking into flying black birds is fairly common. When Alan killed himself, I went to #FlaglerBeach to stay at the Si Como No Inn. When I walked down to the beach, the seagull feathers were blown up to where they were standing up in either direction on the beach.

In #OceanShores when I walked to the #PacificOcean, some feathers did the same. All those feels bundled up into this #FallenAngel painting that is from a doodle from a trip to see #MiamiArtBasel in #SouthBeach. With this piece - my #bicoastal art fate is sealed. But now, I have to find a place for the artist to work in #MosesLake.

It’s not going to be easy. It has to be possible.

Name of piece: Strength To Fly

Series: Fallen Angel


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