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Beach Bunny - RhondaK's Bunny Problems

I think they are adorable. I love their paradox. Soft and mushy yet fierce warriors. They are opinionated. They hate their things being moved around. They actually prefer the carrot tops to the carrots. When they finally decide they love you -- you know you are loved.

I don't think of them as pet's for children. They are a very adult pet. They will test the limits of your unconditional love. They will hurt your feelings. You will find yourself yelling I AM NOT GOING TO EAT YOU more than one time.

The bunny, for their part, will exude equanimity, ice, or curmudgeon.

When they nose bump you softly you almost fall over from the hard surprise of it all.

This is how I manage my bunny paintings.

I sneak them in.

And yes, beach bunnies are a thing. Bunnies love living on the beach and you can find them at dusk, dawn, and nights under docks, beach walks, and in the beach flora and fauna.

IMAGE ONE: On mural in Bradenton Beach. People drinking at the Drift In across the street think its a pelican.

IMAGE TWO: Bunny Butt. When bunnies are mad at you, they turn their butt to you and glare at you over their shoulder. This piece may be at Island Chimes in Bradenton Beach.

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