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A Florida Girl Takes a Brief Moses Lake Walk After Thanksgiving.

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

The pug and I took a trespassing walk I thought lead to a park, but actually goes to an irrigation ditch with some street art and a twisted tree.

You can see why I’m trying to save my mind with color.

The mermaid in me has been wondering about the sound of running water. It’s nearer than I thought and there’s a bit of a place to sit on the ground under the gnarled tree next to the running water.

In this beige blasted desert - it is an oasis. It refracts colors. In the creek’s bottom there’s machinery gears and discarded tools visible through the clear water. There’s some green friendly algae.

I see why the deer hang out here in the middle of the city. They have paths all through the trees.

Sadie and I have lived here now three months. in six and a half months we get to go back to Florida.

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